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Opéra Culinaire Nomade

Depuis longtemps Thomas Morin rêvait à de la cuisine spectacle.
De la mise en scène culinaire avec une orchestration magistrale.
Cela fait plus de deux ans maintenant, que Le Cuisinier Nomade écrit son œuvre, afin de pouvoir vous dévoiler aujourd'hui, son phantasme artistique.
Dans un univers mondiale pluri médiatique où la cuisine est omniprésente, la notion de spectacle « show », n'a pas encore était explorée.
Le chef cuisinier artiste à depuis un certain temps la conviction que cette étape est proche pour lui.
Il signe ici un concept, une histoire, un spectacle interactif sur les cinq sens, un projet unique et ambitieux qui s'inscrit comme étant le premier spectacle culinaire mise en scène au monde.
Dans cette aventure, Thomas Morin est accompagné de quelques intervenants engagés, comme Marion Morin Hillaire, Charlotte Barbin, Cyrille Lawson et pour les plus connus du grand publique Marco Prince.
Le Cuisinier Nomade s'applique à l'heure actuelle à compléter l'entourage du « team » et de ses sponsors.
Le projet est au stade du recrutement en vue de la création prévue, pour le début de l'année 2015.

The Nomadic Culinary Opera
By Thomas Morin

Illustred by Charlotte Barbin

In each scene, a culinary creation, a musical composition and scenery linked to the 5 senses.
Four scenes, inspired through the life of Thomas Morin, Le Cuisinier Nomade and his instinctive culinary art in order to develop our senses.
A creation through a fictive journey and international tour throughout 5 continents in prestigious locations.

HEARING With each act,a musical composition The originality of the musical creation proposed lies in the way it is composed,unique and experimental. It is a simultaneous writing, joining the musical score to the culinary preparation. We started with the gestures, rhythms, polyphony, of cooking to identify a simple and lively bias. Revealing distinct worlds strongly contrasting with the dialogue established within the culinary performance. Select ingredients, set them to the music and allow them to coerce with the musical composition. Inspired by the choreographed gestures of cooks, in order to produce rhythms. The sounds and lyrical texts during the preparations in a runoff of instrumental accompaniment composed of fusional moments. The specific orchestration to each of the 4 acts is conventional, electric, world, woody...
“ From the kitchen escape melodies of preparations adding rhythm to the movement,harmonising with my score of the day. ”

SIGHT With every act, an atmosphere, a blind tasting The lighting design developed for each act, will give just a tint of original to the set design by playing with natural materials, meals and the staging of Le Cuisinier Nomade.The recordings of the performance will be filmed by multiple cameras ; they will be referred on to plasma screens as well as close-ups of the preparations. The achievement will be governed by a realtime image texture and grain. At the end of each act, the dancers offer, to the beat of the music, the dish prepared in order to sharpen the sense of taste ; eaten in the dark.
“ Rising towards the sky, set in an organised chaos, each element, flower, colour, herb, vegetable and sauce is arranged, carefully orchestrated, on the plate, leading step by step to the discovery of the dish. ”

SMELL During every act, subtle fragrances The smell of the preparations will be broadcast into the room through hoods silently integrated into the design. The marriage of the flavors will finish as detonating mixtures. In an exhilarating medley of vanilla from Madagascar, crab broth, spices of the world, hibiscus flowers and roasted chestnuts, the smells fly away as they stamp the olfactory memories.
“ Fragrances intoxicate me and transport me to distant lands, at the same time plunging me into my past and my childhood memories. ”

TOUCH In every act, a material to discover Squeaking in your fingers a salt flower from the Saloum, you will discover the softness of a fresh vanilla bean, play with a live blue crab, discover a tournedos of crocodile, and feel the curve of a fleshy cristophine.The materials used for the preparation of the dishes are presented to each spectator by dancers in a discovery box, so they can touch organic and live textures.
“ Barefoot in the green grass, damp from dew, I feel and pick, one by one, the fruits from my african orchard. ”

TASTE During each scene,a stimulation of the papillae The music accompanies the instinct and virtuosity of the chef who conducts his cooks. At the end of the realization, the work is proposed for tasting in a choreography linked to the music. The cooks achieve in rhythm all the different preparations.0n a lyrical classics introduction, a starter to stimulate the papillae, Tartar of Saint-Jacques knife cut with hazelnut oil, fresh passion fruit juice and vanilla seeds from Madagascar.Followed by a molecular preparation in a metallic context, a comfit tomato meringue cooked with nitrogen. Spherification of duck egg yolk with ink and saffron served with a reduction of blood-red hibiscus juice.The journey continues in the tone and world rhythmic with a vegetable stew and game of the world, cooked in blue crab broth, with spices from here and there. Ending in gentle jazz, woody, brassy warmth, with a declination around the chestnut. Panna cotta, cracker and lightweight foam cappuccino.
"“ The world is the color of my living theater, stimulating the universe of my creations. The compositions play out in my mind…My five senses sharpened ! "

Here there is the synopsis & libreto to download in PDF format of
" The Nomadic Culinary Opera " by the chef artist Thomas Morin.
Synopsis : CLIC
Libreto  : CLIC

For all informations about recruitement, sponsoring and contacts clic here : CONTACTS

Copyright: Thomas Morin
Illustrations : Charlotte Barbin



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